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App Script Create All Day Events

Google Sheets + Calendar


Since last we spoke I’ve made some short videos…

And in fact, I’ve got more short videos in store alongside the longer ones. These have been a fantastic way to get a little creative juices flowing and out into the world as well as hit a couple short, informative concepts without making a full-fledged video.

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Now to the sheets…

Calendar Apps Script

I’ve revisited a topic that I messed with a while back. One of my most popular videos about using Apps Script to create calendar events did not go over creating all day events or recurring events

So, that’s what I covered this time.

Much of the approach is the same, and here are the bare essentials. The walkthrough video is embedded below if you want to go deeper.

  • I set up a sheet with named ranges to simplify the code. We have a calendarID range and an EventList range.

We get the calendarID from our Google Calendar settings and paste it in our spreadsheet.

The EventList is the table with our events.

  • For the simplest example, we need only a title and a date. Here’s what it looks like:

The meat and potatoes is our events.forEach loop where we go through each row without a checkbox and add the all day event to our calendar by using CalendarApp.getCalendarbyID().

This makes it very easy to add all day events in bulk from your spreadsheet to your Google Calendar.

If you want to follow along in the demo sheet I made, here it is.

And the video walkthrough I did is below 👇

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Thank you so much!

It means a lot that you’ve read this, and I hope it’s informed and/or entertained you for a few moments today!

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