Time is Strange

How to adjust time zone settings in Google Sheets

Time Zones in Google Sheets

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Now to the sheets…

Time Zone Settings

You can get into trouble with time in Google Sheets. There are a couple of time zone settings to adjust if you are having issues with time related functions (yeah, more than one…)

#1 Settings

The first place is for the whole sheet. Just select File - Settings and you’ll see the dropdown selection for time zones.

screenshot of Google Sheets settings

#2 Apps Script Settings

The second place is in Apps Script. You may still have issues if you’re using Apps Script.

Go to Extensions - Apps Script. Then select Project Settings from the left hand bar.

Weird, right? Separate time zone settings for the sheet and the Apps Script.

screenshot of Apps Script Settings

When is this an issue?

This will usually become apparent when sharing with folks in other time zones, and I came across the issue when I had viewers reach out about a Sheets to Calendar Apps Script video I did.

The video walkthrough I did is below 👇

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